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Former NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens Punched Out a Customer at CVS in Los Angeles

Through no fault of his own, former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is seen on camera having a physical altercation with a fellow CVS customer in Los Angeles. Reportedly, the man interrupted a conversation T.O. was having with a fan and threatened to beat T.O. and the fan up.

Allegedly, T.O. tried to diffuse the situation without violence, but the angry man swung at Owens first, forcing him to defend himself. The former football star reportedly knocked the man off his feet but didn't cause any injuries. Although he's in his late forties, the NFL hall of fame player is still in excellent physical condition. T.O. is well-loved and known for being respectful and polite to everyone! Nothing comes as a surprise anymore!

We're glad things didn't escalate any further! (See the video below)

Photo Credits: Terrell Owens/Instagram



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