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Former NBA Player Chance Comanche Admits to Fatally Strangling Medical Assistant in Plot to Kill

Chance Comanche. Photo/Stockton Kings

Former NBA G-League player Chance Comanche reportedly admitted to killing 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers, a medical assistant from Washington. Chance's former 19-year-old girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, has been charged with murder as well; she knew the victim and was motivated to kill her after they reportedly had a dispute. Both women allegedly knew each other from being sex workers.

Chance Comanche in custody/KCRA

Sakari allegedly contrived the plan to kill the victim. The plot called for Comanche to pretend he was a customer wanting to buy sex from both women, eventually tying Rodgers' and Harnden's hands behind their backs during sex to get Rodgers in a defenseless position, according to the police affidavit that NBC News obtained. "The 6-foot-10 Comanche and his former girlfriend Sakari Harnden, 19, worked in tandem to choke Marayna Rodgers, 23, early Dec. 6, hours after the Stockton Kings played the NBA G League Ignite in Henderson, Nevada, according to a Las Vegas police affidavit supporting the arrest," NBC reported." New Now reports that "Police documents show Harnden attempted to mislead investigators. However, investigators uncovered text messages dating back to Dec. 1, that show Harnden and Comanche plotting the kidnapping and murder of Rodgers. The report said police also had cell phone tower evidence showing Harnden, Comanche, and Rodgers were together until 3:35 a.m. on Dec. 6 when Rodgers' phone appeared to be deactivated."

Marayna Rodgers//Facebook

The affidavit obtained by NBC also states that the NBA G-League player used an HDMI cord to strangle Marayna while Sakari choked her with her bare hands. Once she died, the couple placed her body in a ditch near the desert and covered her body with rocks. KCRA reports that the medical assistant from Washington had a dispute with the 19-year-old just days before her disappearance, according to Marayna's boyfriend. Comanche eventually told authorities where they could find the body.

Sakari Harnden in custody. 8 News Now/KLAS

Law enforcement believes the motive for the murder was because Marayna gave information to others about the 19-year-old's personal life. She allegedly knew that Sakari's former boyfriend, 19-year-old Iosua Sataua, killed two people in California, and Marayna told others that Sakari worked with the police to implicate him in the crimes, according to KCRA. Authorities confirmed that Iosua Sataua is in custody in Stockton for killing two men in March. Comanche confirmed that he met Harnden on a dating app, and although they only dated for a few months, they continued to keep in touch. 

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