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Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Relocates Maui Wildfire Victims and Helps With Their Essential Needs

Floyd Mayweather reportedly paid the expenses for multiple families to relocate from Maui, Hawaii, to Honolulu amid the wildfire catastrophe. To date, approximately 101 people have been killed, according to CNN. Floyd has allegedly helped roughly 70 families with food, clothing, other necessities, and relocation expenses. According to Bossip, the boxing legend is teaming up with H&M to provide additional clothing for wildfire survivors.

According to CNN, "A portable morgue unit has arrived in Hawaii and will help authorities identify and process remains with equipment such as examination tables, X-ray units, and laboratory equipment, Jonathan Greene, deputy assistant secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services, said Tuesday."

Local authorities said search teams have searched about one-third of the disaster area so far. CNN said the fires destroyed more than 2,200 structures, which are primarily homes. The fires are considered the deadliest in recent US History. Overall, the citizens of Maui think the ball was dropped-the town's sirens and alarms did not sound, according to NBC. First responders allegedly didn't alert citizens about the growing fires either.

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