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Florida Woman Awaits Trial for Recording Her Boyfriend's Death As He Suffocated in a Suitcase

Sarah Boone. Photo/Orange County Corrections

Sarah Boone is charged with second-degree murder and awaits trial for her boyfriend, Jorge Torres Jr's 2020 death in their Winter Park, Florida home. After a night of drinking, Sarah and Jorge reportedly played hide-and-seek, which led to Jorge being in a suitcase. Sarah recorded him asking her for help while saying he couldn't breathe. After hours of refusing to help him, the 42-year-old eventually died from suffocation. 

Boone can be heard on the video saying, "For everything you've done to me, [expletive] you! According to Fox 35 Orlando, the couple had a history of arrests for domestic violence and had an injunction in place during the time of Torres' death. In 2019, Torres was charged with battery three times. A year prior, Boone was charged with strangulation. 

Jorge Torres Jr. Photo/Orange County Corrections

According to Fox, Prosecutors said there were two videos on Boone's phone showing her recording a video as her boyfriend tried to get out of the suitcase. They said the first video began recording on Feb. 24, 2020, at 11:12 p.m., in which Torres could be heard repeatedly yelling out Boone's name. She's heard laughing in one of the videos. Fox reports that Torres told the Winter Park authorities she and Torres had been drinking wine and playing hide-and-seek when she claimed she went upstairs and passed out in her bed. She also said she woke up hours later to her cellphone ringing multiple times. She then reportedly realized her boyfriend was possibly still inside the suitcase, and when she unzipped it, she found Torres unresponsive and not breathing. Boone then called 911, and deputies arrived to find Torres dead.  

The suspect was charged with second-degree murder. Boone's trial is scheduled for May 2024. This story will be updated. To follow this story and other news, click the link to subscribe to Volume 82.

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Natalie Montgomery
Jan 31

She needs to die in the same way!

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