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First Grade Students' Sexual Act Recorded During Class Sparked Protests & An FBI Investigation

Screenshot/KLBK News

Community members are outraged that an alleged sexual assault between two first graders was recorded on a classroom iPad at Plainview South Elementary School in Plainfield, Texas. A female student was reportedly forced to give oral sex to a male student while being recorded by another student. The alleged victim's family and community members are outraged about the event, mainly because it allegedly happened while the teacher was present. The teacher was supposedly distracted by other students when the incident occurred. According to, Raquel Medina, the aunt of one of the first graders, stated, "The school handled the situation very poorly. "I believe strongly that the school should be held accountable," Medina also said the school intimidated the child and questioned her without her parent's consent. Another family member that's knowledgeable of this situation, Heather Gonzales, also commented to EverythingLubbock, "We know that PISD often sweeps things under the rug." "As bad as the details were, we have to tell the details."

The teacher has reportedly been placed on leave after the incident occurred in April. According to USA Today, community members protested for a week, and threats were made to Plainview South Elementary School, resulting in the district canceling classes, as parents and community members feel the district has not adequately handled the matter. The FBI has reportedly launched an investigation into the case after the district's tech person discovered the footage on the iPad. The Plainview School District issued the following statement "We appreciate the support of the FBI and of their resources to evaluate the multitude of circumstances surrounding the incident."

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