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Ex-NFL Star Antonio Armstrong & Wife's Murder Solved: Son (Antonio Jr. ) Found Guilty of Murders

In 2016, Antonio Sr. and his wife were shot to death while sleeping in their home. A Houston jury found the couple's son, Antonio Armstrong Jr., guilty of both murders Wednesday after two previous mistrials.

Initially, prosecutors reportedly suspected the couple's older son, Josh, who allegedly suffers from mental health issues, could be involved in their deaths. According to ABC13 Houston, the couple's youngest child, Krya, testified to Josh's abnormal behavior she witnessed, especially following the death of her parents.

Yet, According to PEOPLE, "Prosecutors presented DNA evidence that linked Armstong (Jr.) to the crime, per the latter outlet. After two mistrials in the course of seven years, Armstrong was taken into custody after 31 witnesses testified for more than 40 hours in over 11 days.

"PEOPLE reported that "In January, Armstrong spoke out for the first time since his arrest in a two-hour 20/20 episode, which aired on ABC. "I was in complete shock," Armstrong said. "It was a mix of shock, it was a mix of anger, it was a lot of different things — like, why me? There's no way possible," he added. "I couldn't even fathom the idea of killing my parents." Jr. has professed his innocence, saying an intruder killed his parents. Antonio Jr. is sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 17, 2023

Good article, Moo. I can't believe that I didn't catch it when it was on 20/20.

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