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Erykah Badu Just Announced That She Tested Positive for "Coldest." We agree!

Erykah Badu announced via social media that she tested positive for coldest, and we agree! We hope she doesn't get warm anytime soon.

Ms. Badu has been dropping jewels since her debut album, Baduizm, in 1997. She was unlike any artist that the industry had ever seen. Her eclectic sound and image blended many different styles, but fans loved it!

Her second studio album, Mama's Gun, is undoubtedly our favorite album. Song after song goes hard on that album: 'Bag Lady,' 'Orange Moon,' 'Green Eyes,' and 'Didn't Cha Know,' were constantly on repeat.

Erykah is the queen of self-expression! Her video for 'Window Seat' has a scene where she went clothesless in Downtown Dallas. After receiving criticism, she unapologetically defended her decision to the media.

She's been the illest for a long time. Salute to Queen Badu!

Photo Credit: Erykah Badu



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