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Dr. Dre's Album 'The Chronic' Is a Classic Throwback That Creates 1990s Nostalgia

Here's to Throwback Thursday! Who remembers playing Dr. Dre's album 'The Chronic,' non-stop, with the song "Nuthin' But A "G" Thang" on repeat?

Side Note: this album was released in 1992, long before CDs, MP3 players, or streaming was available! Everyone bought 'The Chronic' from a physical music store (Musicland, Sam Goody, Camelot Music, Amoeba Music, etc.) as a cassette tape. Back then, music was played in a car's cassette deck, on a walkman, or in a cassette player in the house!

During the early 90s, people customized their vehicles with great sound systems, rims, and hydraulics! The people with the loudest sound systems and the best cars that played the most current music got the most recognition.

The nostalgia of the 1990s is great!

Photo Credit: Unknown (Musicland was a popular brick and mortar store in many US malls)



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