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Designer Lamont 'Tory' Stapleton Says Balenciaga Sells His Designs Without Crediting or Paying Him

Creative Lamont 'Tory' Stapleton has taken issue with the luxury brand Balenciaga after he noticed that several celebrities were wearing a design he created but were not purchasing from him.

Stapleton explained via Instagram that in 2019, he created apparel that read "Free" under his (Struggle is Common) collection. He advised that in 2019, he wore a shirt from the brand to a private Hollywood party and received unlimited compliments. By 2021, his followers noticed that many notable celebrities were wearing his design and started congratulating him on his success. To his surprise, celebrities were wearing the design he created but were purchasing it from Balenciaga at a much higher price than he charged, and he was never paid or credited for his work.

As the designer calls attention to this issue, he wants to be connected with Balenciaga soon to discuss his concerns.

Photo Credits: Lamont Tory Stapleton



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