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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Member (Princess Isis Lang) Creates USC's First Majorette Dance Team

A Delta Sigma Theta Sorority member, at the University of Southern California, Princess Isis Lang, has made history by creating USC’s first majorette dance team, the Cardinal Divas. She was inspired to bring the style of dance that you generally see performed at HBCUs (Historically Black colleges and universities) to one of southern California’s most recognized universities.

Lang’s social media clip of the Cardinal Divas’ performance at a USC football game went viral, receiving more than 2 million views. However, some of the team’s online attention hasn’t been positive, especially on Twitter. Some social media users expressed disinterest in seeing this type of dance at a predominantly white university. Other users feel that if Lang thinks she’s too good to attend an HBCU, she shouldn’t try bringing its culture to a majority white campus.

These opinions make you wonder how social media users, especially college-educated people, forget that cultural inclusion and incorporation are the lifelines to any welcoming campus, whether it’s a culturally specific student organization, fraternity, sorority, or financial aid grant. It's 2022, and innovative women are everywhere!

We think Princess Isis Lang is trendsetting and doing what more women are becoming more known for: being bold, fearless, and making it happen!

Congrats, Sis!

Photo Credits: Princess Isis Lang via Instagram



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