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Deaf Actor-Troy Kotsur Made History at the SAG Awards

Troy Kotsur made history at the SAG Awards. He became the first deaf actor to win a solo award-he won for his supporting role in CODA. The film CODA is a story about a child who has a deaf parent.

Troy's performance won over the following movies: The Tender Bar, Licorice Pizza, House of Gucci, and The Power of the Dog. His acceptance speech was touching. Troy thanked the audience and reminisced about what it took to succeed in Hollywood.

See his acceptance speech:

"Wow. Thank you so much to all the members of SAG. I am so proud to be a member. I've been a member since 2001, and so now I feel like I'm finally part of the family," Kotsur said via an ASL interpreter in his acceptance speech. "I know you all are artists, and I know you all know what it's like to be a starving actor. Back then, I used to sleep in my car. I slept in my dressing room backstage, I couch-surfed, and all of that, you feel me, right? So, thank you so much. I'm so grateful to SAG [for protecting] us actors."

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