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Chingy and Hip Hop's Fastest Rapper Twista Performed in Iowa at the "My Waterloo Days" Celebration

Photos: Shutterstock & Ashley Shavers

Chingy and Twista performed in Iowa at the annual "My Waterloo Days" event. Waterloo fans thoroughly enjoyed the pair. Chingy is aging like fine wine, and Twista can still out-rap most of the talent in today's hip-hop industry.

Twista, a Chicago native, is uber-popular in the Midwest, even in the small, tucked-away city of Waterloo.

Chingy & Ashley Shavers

Many rap fans remember the Chicago rapper from his early career when he used the stage name "Tung Twista" (Twista raps fast-reportedly 11.2 syllables per second). Despite his name change to "Twista," his lightning-speed lyrical delivery and extensive vocabulary, which made him stand out in rap, stayed the same.

Several Waterloo Hip Hop fans recall seeing the gifted lyricist at smaller venues in the city during the early '90s when his career began. Years later, Chicago's (west side) rapper made another concert appearance in Waterloo.

Twista showed his appreciation for 'The Loo' this weekendhe even acknowledged the Waterloo native and former chart-topping R&B singer Tracie Spencer during his performance. The Chi-Town artist has released ten studio albums and has many hits and successful collaborations with artists such as Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Jamie Foxx.

Family! Ashley Shavers (front), Alycia Shavers, Jeremy Holmes, and Aliyah Shavers

"My Waterloo Days" showed Chingy a ton of "midwest love" as well. Chingy hails from St. Louis and experienced significant commercial success in his early career, with a plethora of hits. He was signed to rapper and music producer Ludacris in the early 2000s. However, he faced a career setback around 2006 when his relationship with Ludacris and his former label turned sour. Despite his setback, Chingy shared with Bleu Magazine that he plans to make a comeback.

Sherman Wise & Chingy

Many Hip-hop fans remember when transgender fan, Sidney Starr, [who'd later become extremely problematic by making questionable allegations about entertainers], went to the blogs claiming to be romantically involved with the St. Louis rapper, which also aided in plummeting his career. The "Right Thurr" rapper always vehemently denied the rumor, which Sidney later admitted was a lie. Starr later admitted via social media that he lied about Chingy; Sidney stated, "I want to give a huge apology to Chingy for anything I caused to throw dirt on your name I was wrong. I want to say I was wrong 100,000 times and I want to get off my chest," Sidney said, adding, "I just want everyone to know the things I said about Chingy weren't true."

In April, the former 2000s Hip Hop star released the single "Nu Beginnings." Despite many apparent changes in the entertainment industry, the rapper seems optimistic about returning to music. He told Bleu Magazine, "Things die in the winter, but they're reborn in the spring." He continued, "I go through things, you go through things, but guess what? There will come a time when we will be back vibrant!"

The fans are here for it!

Chingy & Angela Bates

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