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Brittney Griner Is On Her Way Home: Russia Agreed To Exchange Her For Their Arms Dealer

Brittney Griner was released today from the Russian penal camp she was confined to for attempting to transport marijuana oil to America in February 2022.

President Biden announced today that "she is safe, she is on a plane, she is on her way home." After months of negotiations, Russia agreed to release Brittney in exchange for their arms dealer, Viktor Bout. Americans feared for her safety when it was announced that she would serve her nine-year sentence in a strict and inhumane penal colony.

The former WNBA star will reportedly reunite with her family in Texas after receiving a physical evaluation and medical attention if needed.

Although most Americans are grateful the Biden administration negotiated Griner's release; they feel that Biden should have also negotiated the release of our corporate security executive, Paul Whelan, who has been imprisoned in Russia for three years.

Job well done to the Biden administration. We pray for the safe return of Paul Whelan as well.



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