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Brittney Griner Backs Transgender Women Playing Women's Sports "Everyone Deserves the Right To Play"

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Brittney Griner supports transgender females being allowed to participate in women's sports. She recently gave her opinion about the ongoing debate about whether or not biological men who are transgender should be allowed to participate in athletics with natural women. Griner stated, "I think it's a crime, honestly, to separate someone for any reason. So, I definitely will be speaking up against that legislation and those laws that are trying to be passed, for sure," according to Fox News. The WNBA basketball player's comments accompany her plans to return to the Phoenix Mercury.

After being released from a Russian concentration camp, after nearly a year, for a drug possession conviction, Griner is speaking with the media about her experience and other concerns. Although the American nation is torn about whether or not biological males should be able to compete against women and girls in organized sports, Griner stated, "Everyone deserves the right to play. Everyone deserves the right to come here, sit in these seats, and feel safe. And not feel like there's the threat, or they can't be who they are, or like it's just all eyes on them." Americans who protest male participation in female sports argue that since biological males have a significant physical advantage over women, they should not be allowed to participate in female sports because men have a physical advantage over women.

Some school districts allow transgender students to access bathrooms and locker rooms and participate on athletic teams with the gender that they identify with. However, some schools oppose such rules and require students to participate in sports and use the facilities of the gender assigned at birth.

However, the World Athletics Organization bans any athlete who has had puberty from participating in professional sports with the opposite gender.

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