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Blac Chyna Quit OnlyFans & Removed Her Baphomet Tattoo, "This is too much, it's time for a change"

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After being baptized, reversing her plastic surgery, practicing sobriety, and removing her Baphomet tattoo, Blac Chyna sat down with Fox News about discovering her higher purpose in life. Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, said she recently quit the adult entertainment site, OnlyFans, and is on a journey to rediscover and better herself. The socialite said part of her desire to reinvent herself is to set a better example for her daughter, Dream.

White said, "The reason why I even started the OnlyFans was because I was dealing with so many lawsuits, so many this, so many that, and I was scared to lose everything. When I got baptized, I knew, like God told me like, you do not need to be doing this, like this is not why I put you here!" The socialite also admitted to getting illegal silicone injections; "Sometimes I would fall kinda ill and fall sick from it." I wanna warn women not to do it; it's not worth it. Because you can possibly die from it, you can fall ill. It can travel to your lungs, migrate to different parts of your body...Discoloration, disfigurement!"

White has been trying to get her message out there. She recently appeared on the Jason Lee Show, Tamron Hall, Forbes, and Sway's Universe, and she's been chronicling her journey with her fans via live social media videos. The former video model shared with Tamron Hall that she started acting, launched a hair care brand, and relies on God.



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