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Atlanta Woman Sues Popeyes After Employees Allegedly Beat Her & Ripped Out Her Hair in Drive-thru

Denetra Dawson & Attorney Mawuli Davis

An Atlanta woman, Denetra Dawson, says the manager of an Atlanta Popeyes, Tenister Evans, and two other employees Tenice Taylor and a minor who was believed to be Evan's daughter, attacked her last year when she ordered food at Popeye's Cleveland Ave location. As a result, Denetra has gone public about suing the company and the employees who assaulted her.

According to WSBTV, when Dawson couldn't get her order corrected in the lobby, she went to the drive-thru lane, where the attack occurred. The three workers reportedly jumped into her vehicle, beat and scratched her, and pulled out a lot of her hair. She alleged that she was eventually able to access her firearm, which ended the attack. The mother stated, "I simply went to get food for my kids." "Why me? I didn't even think I was going to make it back to my kids." Dawson reportedly now suffers from spinal injuries and severe emotional trauma due to the attack.

Denetra Dawson's hair after the attack

Popeye's released the following statement to Fox 5 Atlanta regarding the incident: "We have absolutely no tolerance for violence of any kind in Popeyes® restaurants. The franchisee of this restaurant confirmed the incident took place in September 2022, and the employees involved were immediately terminated. We cannot share any additional details as there is an active lawsuit related to this incident."

According to Dawson's legal team, the primary aggressor Tenister Taylor has a history of violence, and the company was negligent in hiring her; they stated, "This incident is an outrageous example of Popeyes' failure to prioritize customer safety and well-being," Davis said in a statement. "By hiring a manager with a history of violence, Popeyes exhibited a reckless disregard for the safety of their patrons. The manager and two employees exited Popeyes and violently attacked her inside her car. We are resolute in our commitment to holding the restaurant accountable for their actions and seeking justice for our client."

Tenister Evans



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