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Alleged R. Kelly Child Victim Recants Her Statement & Will Testify Against Him After 20 Years

An alleged victim of Robert Kelly (R. Kelly) recanted her statement and will soon testify against the singer. After a sex tape between R. Kelly and a minor surfaced around 2001, Kelly went to trial for child pornography in 2008. He was found innocent.

The former teen in question initially denied that she was the person on the sex tape. However, the mystery woman now says she was the teenage girl having sex with the R&B star on camera.

The person in question is reportedly the niece of Robert’s former musical protege, Sparkle. At the height of the accusations, Sparkle testified that the child in the sex film was her niece. Yet, her niece and her father (Sparkle’s brother-in-law) negated that she was the child in the video years ago. Her brother-in-law was reportedly a musician who used to tour with Kelly.

It is unclear what motivates the anonymous woman to change her story or why the courts will accept her testimony after more than 20 years. R. Kelly was recently sentenced to 30 years for sex trafficking minors in September.

Photo Credit : Getty Images


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