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A Michigan Woman Was Killed by Her Husband After Filing For Divorce

Alicia Lofton/Facebook

Alicia Lofton of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was allegedly killed last week by her husband, Marcus Lofton, the day after she filed for divorce. According to Fox 17, the couple married in February 2023 and separated in May after a domestic violence incident. Marcus was court-ordered not to contact the mother of three, yet according to multiple sources, he was angry that she filed for divorce and came to the home they shared the day he killed her. In addition to the domestic abuse charges, it's rumored a social media page outed Marcus for having sexual relationships with men, which also contributed to her reason for filing for divorce.

Marcus Lofton. Photo/Kent County Sheriff's Office

On August 17, Marcus reportedly came to their residence around 8 a.m. Fox 17 reported, "Marcus allegedly told officers he got Alicia's handgun out of a drawer to hit her with it when the gun went off. According to court papers, Alicia then locked herself in a bedroom. Marcus reportedly admitted to officers he broke the door down to find Alicia climbing out of a bedroom window before he opened fire." The police reportedly found her outside her home with multiple gunshot wounds to her head and body. According to PEOPLE, "Marcus is charged with murder and a felony firearm, according to Kent County Prosecutor Christopher Becker and has been denied bond."

Alicia left behind three children, and her family gave the following statement to Fox 17 regarding her children, "They're trying to stay as levelheaded as they can for the school year. It's an unfortunate event, and it's unfortunate timing because they have to start school soon and such. It's a lot for them to take in. Myself, I've kind of been like the spokesperson for my family," said Faustino Garcia. Faustino continued; "Alicia's oldest is getting ready to start her senior year at Western. Her son is getting ready to start at Grand Valley in the fall. Alicia's youngest will begin high school without her mom. My oldest niece is graduating college next year. Her mom's not going to be there. She's going to be looking in the crowd to see her mom. It's going to suck that my nephew is going to Grand Valley for his first year, and he's looking for his mom to be there. It's going to suck for my youngest niece, who's in high school, who's not going to have a mom there to pick out her prom dress," Garcia said.

Alicia and her children. Photo/Facebook

Her family has created a GoFundMe for her children. Click here to donate. To follow this story and other news, click the link to become a Volume 82 site member.


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