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A Judge Grants Name & Gender Change of Dwyane Wade's Son: His Mother Wanted Him to Wait Until 18

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A California judge granted Dwyane Wade's request to change the gender and name of his son, Zion Wade, to Zaya Wade. Zaya is 15 years old and came out as transgender several years ago. Zaya’s mother, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, objected to Dwayne's request to change his name and gender, yet a judge went through with Dwyane's request. Siohvaughn wanted Zaya to wait until he turned 18 for a name and gender change.

Zaya's mother feels that Dwyane and his wife, Gabrielle Union, have been pressuring Zaya to become trans and will socially and financially benefit from having a child in the LGBTQ Community. Since coming out as transgender, Zaya Wade has modeled for Tiffany & Co. and reportedly received offers from Disney and other media entities celebrating his transition.

Some have applauded Dwyane and Gabrielle for accepting their child as transgender. However, the Wades have also been heavily scrutinized by the media and others who condemn them for placing their child in the public spotlight and supporting their minor child in transitioning before age 18.

Former NBA player Kwame Brown criticized Wade on his podcast, Bust Life, for letting Zaya wear a jersey dress in honor of the late Kobe Bryant; he made the following statements, "You are letting your woman control your house..level up as a man. I'm not saying anything against homosexuals, but [Kobe] is a heterosexual man. Why is he being honored by making his jersey into a dress? Wear his goddamn jersey for the day to honor him without the dress part! Let's please not show our Black brother in this light. This is no offense to anybody else. This man (Kobe) was a heterosexual man with a wife and a family. There's no reason for this to be tied to Kobe Bryant. None whatsoever."

However, The Wades continue to express their support for Zaya. They were awarded the President's Award at the 2023 NAACP Image Awards. They dedicated the award to Zaya and stressed the importance of supporting the Black transgender community. Union stated, "Black trans people are being targeted, terrorized, and hunted in this country.”

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