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A Charlotte Chick-fil-A Is Accused of Writing A Racial Slur on A Customer's Receipt

Photo Credit WSOC TV

A Charlotte, North Carolina, Chic-fil-A is accused of writing nigger on 19-year-old Nyiashia Jackson's receipt. Nyiasha's mother, April Jackson, shared details of the incident with WSOC-TV. April said her daughter was distraught after the incident. Nyiasha reportedly ordered a meal from the drive-through when she saw the slur on the receipt. Her mother explained to WSOC that her daughter "was really, really upset and sad about the situation.”

The family reportedly plans to take legal action against the company. Yet, according to People Magazine, a spokesperson for Chick-fil-A said the word on the receipt appears to "be a misspelling of the customer's name," adding: "That does not negate the impact or experience had by our guests." Nyiashia reported that an employee working the window advised her to look at her receipt and stated, "You might want to look at what they put your name as."

The company did not mention that they'll be reprimanding or terminating the employee. Yet, Chic-fil-A will reportedly provide additional training for the operator who completed the receipt. This is a developing story; stay tuned for later updates.


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