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A 16-year-old Burger King Employee Shot a Customer After An Altercation About the Customer's Order


A dissatisfied Burger King customer in Ellenwood, Georgia, who ordered a sandwich in the drive-thru reportedly went into the lobby to complain about a sauce on his sandwich. Then, a fight allegedly broke out between him and a worker. The customer reportedly threatened the staff, saying he had a gun, therefore, prompting a 16-year-old employee to take his gun and shoot him with it.

The customer does not have life-threatening injuries; however, authorities took the teen employee into custody. The adult worker, Tyarius Wilcox, who got into the physical altercation with the customer, also faces charges. Customers told WSBTV that they feel the customer is responsible for this situation. One customer said, “Fast food workers go through a lot and they deal with a lot of different personalities, so when we pull up, they may be upset because the last person may have cursed them out or had an attitude,” one customer said. “We never know what the customers are going through or the workers are going through. So it’s hurtful.”



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