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10-Year-Old Who Killed Mother Over Gaming Headset Has Been Charged As An Adult & Faces 60 Years

A 10-year-old boy killed his mother because she would not buy him a virtual reality headset. He reportedly shot his mother, Quiana Mann, in the face on November 21st at their Milwaukee, Wisconsin, home with her firearm.

According to the child's family, he's had rage issues for most of his life and has received therapy and counseling. Reportedly the minor initially said the gun accidentally went off while he was waving it. Then he later told his family that he shot the gun while attempting to scare his mother and accidentally shot her in the face.

The Mann family also shared that the minor has had destructive and violent behavior for years, he's set the family's house on fire, and his behavior was so severe that he required his mother to purchase surveillance cameras. The child has been charged with first-degree murder and could be imprisoned for up to 60 years. The family said he doesn't show any remorse for his behavior and has not mentally processed the severity of his actions. Despite the situation he created, he purchased the headset on Amazon after shooting his mother.

This story is still developing. Stay tuned for later updates.

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