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Young Mother of One Allegedly Killed by University of Alabama Basketball Player

College basketball star Darius Miles, 21, from the University of Alabama, is in custody for capital murder for the shooting death of Jamea Harris, 23. Michael Davis, 20, has been identified as the gunman. He is also in jail, and has been charged with capital murder. (Michael Davis and Darius Miles are pictured below photo provided by the Tuscaloosa County Jail)

Jamea was reportedly visiting her cousin at the University of Alabama's campus when Darius allegedly made advances toward her as she sat in a vehicle with her boyfriend. Supposedly, an argument happened between everyone, which was followed by Jamea and her boyfriend's car getting blocked in, then shots were fired into their vehicle, killing Jamea. Her boyfriend eventually drove away from the scene and found a police officer.

Darius denies having any connection to James' death. Yet, he reportedly supplied Michael with the gun for the shooting. The University of Alabama has taken him off the basketball team's roster. Jamea leaves behind a five-year-old son. Please stay tuned for updates regarding this case. (Jamea is pictured above with her son)

RIP, Jamea.

Photo Credits: Jamea Harris and The University of Alabama


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