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Woman Killed by Estranged Husband In Front of Her Three Children After He Was Released on Bond

Buffalo, New York, citizens are outraged by the shooting death of forty-year-old Keaira Hudson (Bennefield). Keaira was shot to death by her husband in front of her children while in her SUV. The mother of three had recently posted an alarming video of her estranged husband, Adam Bennefield, attacking her on social media (see the video below). Sources say she feared that Adam would kill her before law enforcement could protect her. Bennefield allegedly ran into her truck as she drove, then got out of his vehicle and shot her in the face.

The shooting reportedly happened one day after the suspect was released on bail for several charges, including assault, harassment, and unlawful imprisonment. He has a history of violence against women. Adam reportedly spent 15 years in prison for attempting to kidnap two women.

New Yorkers blame the cashless bond system for the 40-year-old's death. Citizens want the Governor, Kathy Hochul, to readjust the bail system, especially when considering the release of violent offenders. Despite Bennefield's pending charges, a judge released him from jail on his own recognizance. Politicians have also been speaking out regarding this. Per, Gubernatorial candidate and U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-Long Island, also blamed the slaying on "cashless bail." Gov. Kathy Hochul "won't give judges discretion to weigh dangerousness so now these three kids no longer have their mom."

The shooter escaped the police during a chase and is considered armed and dangerous. Crimestoppers WNY offers a $7,500.00 reward for information regarding his whereabouts. Crimestoppers WNY can be reached at (716) 867-6161.

Photo Credits: Keaira Hudson (Instagram) and Buffalo Police Department


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