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Willie D Received Death Threats About His Opposing Remarks on Queen Elizabeth II's Reign

Willie D announced via his podcast Willie D Live that he and his family received death threats due to his opposing views on the leadership of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen died last week in Europe at 96 years old. Her death has prompted a variety of responses across the internet.

Willie D is a rapper and member of the Houston-based group Geto Boys. On his YouTube and Instagram accounts, he essentially said that the Queen of England was a British colonizer who displayed racist behavior. In one post, he blamed Queen Elizabeth, her husband, and a priest for the disappearance of 10 children they were allegedly in the company of in 1964.

Willie D stated, "she was an evil, evil, evil, evil woman responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths." In comparison, some nations regard her as a great leader who tapered away from colonialism during her 70-year rule. Yet, some countries still call for reparations based on the damage that occurred during the years of British colonization.

Photo: Willie D/Facebook and Google Images


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