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Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Confirmed 'Bad Boys' Four is In the Works

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence announced a 'Bad Boys' four film is in the making! After a seventeen-year wait, 'Bad Boys' fans got to watch the third film, 'Bad Boys for Life' in 2020. Although the co-stars did not give a release date for the fourth movie, the film is reportedly in pre-production.

In classic Will Smith style, he was captured on video entering Martin Lawrence's home, as the pair acknowledged each other saying, "it's about that time." Then while looking into the camera, Smith yelled, "it's official, y'all, "bad boys for life, baby," confirming a fourth film is on the way!

'Bad Boys for Life' grossed over $220 million domestically and $426 million worldwide, becoming the highest-earning film in the series. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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