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'Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s' Star (Tim Norman) Found Guilty of Ordering His Nephew’s Death

The former star from Welcome to Sweetie Pies, Tim Norman, was found guilty of murder for hire in the death of his nephew Andre Montgomery Jr. in 2016. Norman reportedly killed his nephew to receive the $450,000 beneficiary payment from Andre’s life insurance policy. According to Fox News, Tim fraudulently obtained a life insurance policy on Andre. He did this and named himself as the obituary with the assistance of former hip-hop record producer Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam.

The former reality show star hired two accomplices, Terrica Ellis and Travell Hill, who were reportedly present outside the St. Louis recording studio during the murder. Terrica and Tim supposedly traveled to town from their homes in Memphis and Los Angeles to execute the murder.

(Clockwise-Tim Norman, Terrica Ellis and Travell Hill)

Bank records prove that Ellis deposited a $9,000 cash payment for her involvement in the crime. The gunman, Travell Hill, received $5,000 for murdering the 21-year-old.

Authorities did not make any arrests for this case until 2020. Tim served prison time for armed robbery. He's also been convicted of assault, white-collar crime, and stalking his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Williams from the Basketball Wives reality show.

Tim will be sentenced on December 15th.

(Andre Montgomery Jr.)

Photo Credits: Getty Images, IMDb, Shelby County Sheriff's Office, Madison County Detention Center, and Google Images


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