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Warner Brothers’ Lawyers Told Diddy He Can't Dress As "The Joker" on Halloween Anymore Via Letter

Sean "Diddy" Combs. Photo/Instagram @diddy

Diddy recently received a cease and desist letter from Warner Brothers' lawyers, asking him not to dress like the Joker again for Halloween, after he was spot on with his rendition of Heath Ledger's Joker costume during Halloween in 2022.

However, Warner Brothers, who owns the rights to the Batman films, was not enthused by Diddy's version of the character. The former Bad Boy Records CEO shared that Warner Brothers sent him a letter on Instagram, stating, "Breaking Halloween news, breaking Halloween news, last year after I did the black Joker, I got a bunch of emails from the studios, telling me not to be the Joker anymore that I was breaching the trademark, so I don't know what I'm going to be this year! But I will say to the (expletive) that took all this time...Sending me—this is six full papers, to tell me not to be the Joker...I wanna tell you, you win. I'm not gonna be the Joker this year just because your ass had enough time to (expletive) up my (expletive) Halloween, now watch me!"

Nevertheless, Diddy still borrowed from the Warner Brothers franchise and did a spectacular job of dressing as Batman this year. The music mogul's costume was nearly identical to Christian Bale's when he starred as Batman in The Darkest Night. While on Jimmy Kimmel's show, Diddy discussed Warner Brothers' letter; Diddy spoke into the cameras saying, "Tomorrow, Warner Bros lawyer, can you see me? ... the head of legal, tomorrow, watch what I do," as Jimmy Kimmel and the audience encouraged him!

Diddy loves a certain level of controversy and reportedly hates to be told no, so mocking Warner Brothers by dressing as Batman was icing on the cake for the entertainment guru.

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1 Comment

Natalie Montgomery
Nov 02, 2023

He's going to be another WB character. SMDM

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