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Tasha Smith Will Replace Theresa Randle as Martin Lawrence's Movie Wife "Theresa" in 'Bad Boys' 4

Tasha Smith/Instagram & Theresa Randle/Shutterstock

Tasha Smith will replace Theresa Randle as Martin Lawrence's wife 'Theresa Burnett' in Bad Boys 4. Theresa did an exceptional job playing Martin's wife in the last three installments. Randle got her break in the '90s and starred in a plethora of substantial roles since. Yet, a recent Twitter video of the actress walking outside wearing a baseball cap and latex gloves has surfaced and caused concern about her health and well-being. Randle has always maintained a low profile, and at this time, she has no social media accounts, and no one from her management team has commented about her exit from the film. Still, it's unclear why Smith is replacing Randle for the upcoming production.

Smith is a well-versed actress with many roles under her belt, including her well-known character 'Angie' in Tyler Perry's series Why Did I Get Married? She's also directed several episodes of the Starz network's Black Mafia Family (BMF) series and several movies. Smith is a successful acting coach and offers the Tasha Smith Actors Workshop (TSAW), a popular acting course in the Los Angeles area that many successful actors have endorsed.

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