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Suge Knight Will Launch a Podcast From Prison on Halloween

Suge Knight pictured (R). Photo/Los Angeles Times

Suge Knight, the former CEO of Death Row Records, is launching a podcast, Collect Calls with Suge Knight, on Halloween. Since the former music industry CEO is doing time in San Diego's RJ Donovan Correctional Facility, the episodes will be recorded via collect calls to various people.

In 2015, Suge was charged with voluntary manslaughter after crashing his vehicle into two men who were on foot in Compton (Terry Carter and Cle Sloan) following an argument on the movie set of Straight Outta Compton. Terry Carter died, and Cle Sloan suffered severe injuries. Suge was sentenced to 28 years under California's three-strikes law.

The podcast will reportedly address Suge's infamous reputation and alleged feuds with his entertainment industry counterparts. Knight is remembered for taunting the former Bad Boy Records CEO, Sean "Diddy" Combs, followed by the rumors that Knight played a role in the death of the Bad Boy artist Biggie Smalls. Knight had the reputation of being gang-affiliated and a shrewd businessman. A lot of controversy has followed the stance he took regarding Tupac Shakur's death and back monies he owed his estate upon his passing. Although Knight was wounded when Tupac was killed, it was rumored that he protected the alleged shooter and was unwilling to testify about who took the rap star's life. These discussions reemerged in the media in September when the Compton native Duane "Keefe D" Davis was charged with Tupac's murder, to which Suge has publicly responded.

Snoop, a former Death Row artist, acquired Death Row Records in 2022. The acquisition was assumed to be a bone of contention between Snoop and the former CEO. Things also soured between Knight and Dr. Dre, another former Death Row artist and music producer, requiring Dr. Dre to part ways with the label years ago.

Knight partnered with David Mays from Breakbeat Media for this venture. Dave founded The Source magazine and co-founded Hip Hop Weekly. The series will air on Breakbeat's YouTube channel on October 31st. To follow this story and other news, click the link to become a Volume 82 site member.



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