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Roe vs Wade: Should America Prevent Women from Choosing Abortion?

America may soon diminish women's reproductive rights if the Roe vs. Wade Supreme court decision, which permits abortion, is overturned.

America is in an uproar regarding this possibility. In fact, this decision may be in effect by summer. Supposedly, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was the catalyst that initiated the process to reverse the Roe vs. Wade landmark decision, that's been a law since 1973.

Several Americans question why the Supreme Court wishes to impede a female's ability to make an important, liberating, informed, and personal decision. If the courts rescind Roe vs. Wade, it will likely compromise women's mental health and physical well-being.

Women terminate pregnancies for a variety of reasons. Sexual assault, lack of income, poor health, and mental health issues are some of the reasons why women abort their babies. If abortions get banned, some citizens believe they will still happen, but they will become illegal and dangerous procedures-taking the US back to the "hanger abortion" days.

Stay tuned for updates regarding this decision.

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