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Rihanna Surprised Fans With Her Pregnancy During Her Epic Super Bowl LVII Performance

Yes, Rihanna and Asap Rocky are expecting their second baby! Rihanna surprised fans with her baby bump while performing during last night's Super Bowl halftime show!

We noticed Riri wasn't dancing her hardest, and although her stomach looked rounder than usual, she performed with perfect balance and rhythm on the stage in mid-air, so pregnancy wasn't a consideration. Once the aerial camera showed her at certain angles, we knew the "Umbrella" songstress had to be expecting another baby.

The hitmaker will go down in history as the first woman to perform thirteen minutes of excellence, with a challenging routine, while pregnant at the Super Bowl. Fans were excited about the rumor that our Barbadian Princess might start touring again. We can always dream, so let's cross our fingers.

Photo Credit: Getty Images



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