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Queen Elizabeth II Has Died at 96 Years Old: She Reigned for 70 Years

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Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly died at 96, according to Buckingham Palace in England. She held the longest reign in the Royal Family, of seventy years.

Her son, Charles II, will resume leadership of the Royal Family. Following her father's death, King George VI, she became the heir to the throne in the early 1950s.

Queen Elizabeth is survived by four children, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and Princess Anne. She's also remembered as the mother-in-law to the late and well-admired Princess Diana. In recent years, Princess Diana and Prince Charles' son, Prince Harry, and Princess Meghan stepped down from the royal family. They relocated to the United States after a series of grievances and a lack of support.

The queen had reportedly been struggling with recent health concerns.


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