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Police Arrested & Tasered High School Band Director for Not Stopping His Band After a Game

Johnny Mims/Birmingham Police Department

Johnny Mims, the band director at Minor High School in Birmingham, Alabama, was reportedly tased and arrested by local police for not stopping his band after the football game. Minor's band reportedly extended their playing time for the "fifth quarter," a southern tradition for marching bands, which is essentially a post-game performance. According to PBS, "In the body camera video released by police Monday night, officers are seen approaching Mims, the band director at Minor, as the band plays in the stands. They asked him several times to stop the band and clear the stadium. Mims continues to direct the band and replies to the officer, "Get out of my face." Mims reportedly explained to the police, "We're fixing to go; this is their last song." PBS also reported, "State Rep. Juandalynn Givan, who is representing band director Johnny Mims as his attorney, said Tuesday that the incident is an "alarming abuse of power" that instead "should have been de-escalated."

State Rep. Juandalynn Givan and Johnny Mims. Photo/ABC News

Multiple sources said law enforcement accused Mims of resisting arrest and shoving an officer. However, Mims disputes that accusation; according to ABC News, Mims explained in a press conference, "I want everyone to know that I was just doing my job as an educator, instructing the band- allowing the band to play again." His attorney explained to NBC News, "This was very traumatic for him, not only for him, we had 145 students. Good Morning America shared the footage from the incident and statements from Mims and his attorney's interview with ABC News. Watch the clip here.

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