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Photographer Wins Defamation Suit Against Dame Dash After Courts Threw Out Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Although a jury ruled against sexual assault allegations brought against entertainment mogul Damon Dash by photographer Monique Bunn, he must pay her $30,000 for defamation of character. Monique alleged that Damon ruined her career in the entertainment industry by spreading false information about her. She also alleged that he inappropriately touched her while she was sleeping at his house in 2019 while working for him. Monique stated that the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder told people she fraudulently spent thousands of dollars on his credit card, which ruined her reputation in the entertainment industry, making it difficult for her to get work as a photographer.

Bunn sought millions of dollars in damages from Dash in the lawsuit, which also stated that Dash failed to return her photographs to her, yet the courts awarded her a much lower amount of $30K. According to, Bunn said Dash's social media post and comments he made about her in an interview destroyed her career; she explained, "I lost everything, I have nothing." A jury reportedly reached this decision in four days.

Photo Credit: Getty Images and Monique Bunn (Instagram)


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