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Nude PETA Model Protests Coach Handbags by Crashing Its Runway Show at New York Fashion Week

Screenshot/The Cut (Instagram)

PETA activists (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a nude woman, and a person holding PETA signage crashed the Coach brand's runway show in New York City at Fashion Week. The two women jumped on the runway with the handbag company's runway models with the message "Coach leather kills," written on the body of the first model; the second model held a sign that read the same thing. Both women were reportedly escorted out of the event by security.

PETA's Instagram post about the protest states: "PETA is taking over the runway at #NYFW. It's time to STOP selling someone else's skin and drop leather, @coach!" The leather brand's Instagram account also addressed Vogue magazine's editor in chief Anna Wintour, saying "Sorry about your neck, #AnnaWintour 💁‍♀️. Anna is a fashion industry icon who sat next to the runway during the fashion show."

PETA was founded in 1980. According to their website, they have over 9 million global members. Their mission statement reads, "Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way." Yet, many celebrities have endorsed the animal rights organization over the years, despite their sometimes obnoxious approaches to convey their message.

Throughout the years, the organization has also clashed with notable stars, such as Aretha Franklin, regarding her fur collection. Before her death, Dan Mathews, the organization's Vice President, sent the icon a rather disrespectful note, stating: "Dear Aretha-Music lovers may think of you as a "queen," but to animal lovers, you are a court jester. I'm sorry, Aretha, but your furs make you look like a clown. Why not shed the old-fashioned look that adds pounds to your frame and detracts from your beautiful voice? Won't you donate your furs to the poor as "queen of compassion," Mariah Carey, did? You'll get a tax credit for the donation, and we at PETA will all sing your praises." This was one of the organization's more memorable disputes. PETA is known to regularly target icons and celebrities for choosing to incorporate furs into fashion.

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