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Nicki Minaj's Husband Ordered to Pay Alleged Sexual Assault Victim From 1994 for Harassment

Nicki Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty, has been court-ordered to settle a lawsuit with a woman named Jennifer Hough, who stated that he sexually assaulted her. Jennifer sued Petty after claiming he inflicted emotional distress, intimidated her, and harassed her in recent years for speaking on the assault. (Jennifer Hough is pictured below in 2021/photo credit "The Real")

Jennifer spoke about the alleged assault on "The Real" talk show in 2021. She alleged that Petty raped her before school in 1994 in New York City when they were teenagers. Hough confirmed that Petty was found guilty and served prison time for attempted rape. When the assault occurred, she said Petty's family members accused her of lying, saying the pair were in a relationship and a rape never happened.

Before Petty and Nicki were married, rumors surfaced about the assault, and people began to troll Nicki online about marrying a sexual predator. The rapper defended her husband, explaining that he and the alleged victim were teens in a relationship, and no sexual assault occurred. According to Hough, Nicki wanted her to recant her statement about the rape, and she and her daughter allegedly started being harassed and intimidated by Minaj, Petty, and individuals that they didn't know. Hough also mentioned that Minaj offered to fly her and her family to Los Angeles to mediate the situation, and she turned down the offer.

Petty has seen other legal troubles as a sexual assault offender. He reportedly failed to register as a sex offender in California in 2021. The courts have given a deadline of March 2023 to resolve the lawsuit.


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