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Nas & Others Created a Foundation That Awards Money, Health Care, and Awards to Hip Hop Artists

Nas. Photo/Instagram @nas

In addition to being one of hip-hop's most respected artists, Nas has also grown into one of its biggest advocates. According to BET, Nas, Steve Stoute, Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Ben Horowitz, and his wife, Felicia Horowitz, are coming together to pay homage and provide financial support to figures who contributed to the culture but didn't get their just dues via The Paid in Full Foundation.

Rakim. Photo/Instagram @thegodrakim-(Rakim is one of the Paid in Full Foundation's first honorees)

Steve Stout, a longtime record executive and businessman, shared with the Rap Radar Podcast that the foundation will give $500,000 and healthcare to hip-hop “contributors who didn’t get what they deserved.” The foundation will do this annually. Paid in Full aims to help supplement the lives of hip-hop artists, especially the pioneers and influential rappers who weren't properly credited and paid for their contributions to the art. BET reports, “What I wanna do is, all of the artists who [came in] early who signed bad deals or were taken advantage of, that the least we could do is give to them,” Stoute said. “Pay that forward and give to them. No one’s ever done this before. No one’s given the people who’ve helped move this industry forward reparations of some sort for what they’ve done but didn’t get back."

Scarface. Photo/Instagram @brothermob- (Scarface is one of the foundation's honorees)

The foundation will honor rappers Scarface (Geto Boys) and Rakim (Eric B. & Rakim) at the first annual Hip-Hop Grandmaster Awards tonight in Las Vegas. Per the mission statement, "100% of the net proceeds raised from the event will benefit The Paid in Full Foundation’s mission to support hip hop greats and other creatives. We hope that you can join us in this important mission." As many fans are excited by the concept of this event, honoring hip-hop legends, the venue is sold out. Veteran hip-hop artists and fans were excited about the launch of this program—as 2023 is the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

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