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Monica Jumped Off the Stage During Her Show After a Man Assaulted a Woman in the Audience

Photo: Monica/Instagram

Monica jumped off the stage during her show at the Riverfront Music Festival in Detroit after seeing a man fighting a woman in the crowd. Before jumping into the audience, she yelled at the man from the stage, telling him, "Don't you hit her like that," "You don't hit no lady like that; is you out your (expletive) mind?" Monica also instructed security to take the aggressor out, which didn't happen quickly enough, encouraging the r&b star to dive into the crowd. Audience members supported Monica, yelling, "Get him up out of here!"

The singer spoke to Good Morning America about the ordeal. Monica is a music industry veteran known for being no-nonsense. She's sold approximately 25 million albums worldwide and won a Grammy since beginning her career in the '90s.

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Monica is a thug and she isn't playing! I read an article on her and she said how she's been carrying a gun for years

She said that she loves to shoot.

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