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Missy Elliott Is Now on The Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Missy Elliott finally got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Her influence during the 90s made her one of the most creative female artists in the hip-hop recording industry. Missy's equal abilities to sing, rap, dance, and produce music made her an unparalleled, stand-alone creative force. Still remembered for her outstanding, unforgettable collaboration with hit producer and friend Timbaland on Aaliyah's sophomore album, "One In a Million," Missy has also created hits and collaborated with many top artists in r&b and hip-hop.

Her unconventional style made Missy the only female artist to use eclectic imagery, characters, and witty lyrics in her videos and music.

Missy is a Grammy Award-winning artist. Her music catalog is timeless, "Sock It 2 Me," "Get Your Freak On," "Hot Boyz" (remix), "The Rain," "Work It," and "All 'n My Grill" are some of her notable tracks. Cheers to decades of success in the music industry, Missy!

Photo Credit: Missy Elliott



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