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Memorial Day Weekend Shootings Claimed The Lives of Several People and Injured Many Others

Photo Credit/ Wix

Four people were reportedly killed in Mesa, Arizona, during the Memorial Day weekend. There were also three shooting deaths in Red River, New Mexico. Fortunately, there were no fatalities in Hollywood, Florida, although a mass shooting erupted, injuring nine people at a local beach, according to multiple news sources. The city of Chicago had an excessively violent holiday weekend as well. NBC Chicago says, "Data from Chicago police show that from 6 p.m. Friday to 11:59 p.m. Monday, at least 11 people were killed and at least 53 others, including two 2-year-olds, were wounded in shootings across the city." The Chicago Sun-Times reported that "it was the deadliest Memorial Day weekend in Chicago in eight years."A 33-year-old man, Delvin Diaz, was shot and killed by his relative, 23-year-old Geoliver Tineo, at a birthday party in Brooklyn, per reports provided by the New York Post. A female victim was reportedly wounded during this shooting as well.

Delvin Diaz/Photo/Facebook

ABC News reported on May 2 that more than 13,900 Americans have died from gun violence this year, according to the National Gun Violence Archive. ABC stated, "As of May 1, at least 13,959 people have died from gun violence in the U.S. this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive – which is an average of roughly 115 deaths each day." As reported by Healthline, Mississippi, Louisiana, Wyoming, Missouri, and Alabama have the highest firearm mortality rates in the country. According to the CDC, the states with the lowest gun death rates include Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New York. Despite recent legislative changes regarding gun laws, America's gun violence problem has not receded. 2023 already has excessive mass shootings and other forms of gun violence.

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