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Magoo, Music Producer & Timbaland's Former Collaborator, Dies at 50

Magoo/Photo Credit (Unknown)

Magoo (Melvin Barcliff), a former music producer and rapper who partnered with Timbaland and Missy, died at 50. Magoo was a part of the Super Friends collective, which consisted of artists Missy, Aaliyah, Timbaland, and Ginuwine. Magoo and Timbaland released three albums as a group before transitioning into music producers. Although Magoo has been relatively quiet over the years, many celebrities have shared their condolences and memories of the Virginia native online.

The rapper shared his reasons for leaving the industry with You Know I Got Soul, "I enjoyed it more once it was over, and I still didn't enjoy it," he said of his success." "That's why I walked away from it. The music business is a promise that can't be kept and that's fame. When I had a number one song, I realized I may have been better with my 9-5 before I left Virginia. It's hard to be happy because you're fighting for everything you earned and you just don't have time to enjoy it with your family." He continued, "You aren't as close with friends anymore and people are treating you different once you have that hit record. I lived two different lives and being a celebrity wasn't fun."

Magoo & Timbaland Photo Credit (Unknown)

Magoo also shared his admiration for Timbaland's artistic abilities with You Know I Got Soul, "Tim was a grown person when it came to his responsibility with DJ and music. "He was selling mixtapes back then. We're not talking about New York City, Atlanta, or Miami here. We're talking about Virginia. It was not a hip-hop area. He was miles ahead of everybody though. I heard people DJ and rap before him, but it was like he was from New York with his level of ability. It was ridiculous when he was 16."

The duo began their partnership as teens; Tim has posted several endearing tributes about his friend and fellow bandmate:

Rip, Magoo.

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