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Madonna Is Being Accused of Trafficking Children in Malawi by the Ethiopian World Federation

The Ethiopian World Federation has accused Madonna of trafficking African children. Although she regularly visits Africa and has adopted several kids from Malawi, suspicions have continuously risen about the true nature of the singer's charity and orphanage 'Raising Malawi.' The organization is further concerned that Madonna's orphanage, which has been in operation in Malawi since 2006, is a coverup for the sexual exploitation of Malawian children.

The EWF has reportedly asked the Malawian government to thoroughly investigate the singer and restrict her access to the nation's children while doing so. The EWF claims the pop star has sexually exploited her adopted son, David Banda, and involves him in social experiments. She has allegedly photographed him wearing women's clothes, makeup, and jewelry. The organization also accuses Madonna of providing false information when applying for the adoption of David. (The singer is pictured clockwise below with her adopted children Mercy, David, and twins Stella and Estere, photo credit via Instagram).

This isn't the singer's first issue with Malawi's government regarding adoption and trafficking. In 2009, after being accused of child trafficking, their government blocked her adoption of a child. Yet, after appealing the court's decision, she won the right to adopt her second child. The nation also had concerns with how she expressed her sexuality in her 1992 book, Sex, which included adult content, such as pornography, erotica, sadism, and homosexuality, with photos of the singer participating in those acts. The expressions of sexuality presented in her book are illegal in Malawi.

This is a developing story; stay tuned for updates.

Photo Credits: Shutterstock & Raising Malawi (Instagram)



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