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'Love & Hip Hop' Stars Feud About Child Abuse Allegations, Legal Docs, and Secret Call Recordings

Erica and Bambi. Photos via personal Instagram accounts.

A major feud between Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stars Erica and Bambi has erupted. Bambi publicly accused Erica of child abusing her stepdaughter Emani and posted police reports surrounding the allegations. Bambi also allegedly released a conversation she secretly recorded with her husband, Scrappy, about Emani and her mother, Erica. Bambi wrote an unpleasant message online regarding Erica and Emani: "Y'all so mad cuz I'm that lady, but you'll never be anything other than that baby momma." "@msericadixon, since you wanna play with me…the reason why I never liked your a** because since your child was eight years old, she confided in me about you bullying her and two-piecing her a**."

Erica and Imani have published live videos regarding the situation. Erica alleges that Bambi's allegations are false and she's never abused her daughter. Erica stated: "I'm in a good place, life is good, money is good-Misery definitely loves company. Miserable people at that!" "It's crazy how you are still on these allegations, Bambi. You and Scrappy tried to have my kids taken from me---What you need to post is the paperwork from the whole investigation, cause I went through everything, cause I ain't got nothing to hide."

Scrappy and Erica raised Emonie together as a couple for years, then he later married Bambi who he shares three children with. This blended family has had an ongoing rift for years now. Hopefully, the damage isn't irreparable. We wish them all the best.

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1 Comment

Imonone Forney
Apr 21, 2023

Mmmm to stanky😐ppl need to mind their business at times when it comes to raising kids. If Erica was doing that much then Scrappy should've stepped in. That's not Bambi's place or business.

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