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Large Marijuana Grow House Found in Tennessee Church Protected by Booby Traps

Photo/Stewart County Sheriff's Department

The Stewart County Sheriff's Department in Tennessee discovered a large booby-trapped marijuana operation inside a vacant church about 70 miles outside of Nashville. According to the New York Post, "Roughly 2,000 cannabis plants in uniform rows were discovered throughout the former house of worship, making it the biggest bust in Stewart County history, according to the sheriff's department."

After weeks of investigation, local authorities reportedly discovered the covert operation after neighbors continuously complained of a strong odor. According to Daily Mail, "Authorities described the plants as being cultivated in a 'very sophisticated growing environment, including elaborate growing and watering systems, all on timers.' Authorities also looked into the property's electric bill, which came out to about $3,000 a month, along with a high water bill."

Photo/Stewart County Sheriff's Department

According to Daily Mail, one unnamed person is in custody, and authorities are investigating others they may arrest. There are no details about how long the operation has been in place. In fact, the property is reportedly up for sale and listed as a converted four-bedroom, three-bathroom home. Marijuana is not legal in Tennessee yet; local authorities burned the plants outside the stash house.

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