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Killer Mike Shares About Being Arrested at the Grammys, "I have the upmost confidence that I will ultimately be cleared of all wrongdoing"

Killer Mike. Photo/Instagram

During the Grammys, news broke that Killer Mike was arrested and escorted out of the event by the LAPD after winning three Grammys for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap Performance.

The Atlanta rapper released a statement following his arrest, "I do want to note that last night, my team and I fielded a number of calls from concerned fans and colleagues wanting to know if I was OK," he said. He continued, "As you can imagine, there was a lot going on, and there was some confusion around which door my team and I should enter. We experienced an over-zealous security guard, but my team and I have the utmost confidence that I will ultimately be cleared of all wrongdoing." According to Pitchfork, "A security guard working at the Grammys claimed that she was injured by Killer Mike at her assigned door entrance shortly after he swept the rap category." "The security guard asked for Killer Mike's tickets and directed him to a security checkpoint, but he tried to go around her and allegedly injured her in the process, the source claimed. After calling for help, the security guard signed a citizen's arrest for misdemeanor battery, received medical treatment, and had her alleged injuries photographed, according to the law enforcement source." Mike's team contends, "The situation has been overblown, but we are confident that the facts of the case, when laid bare, will show that Mike did not commit the alleged offense, and he will be exonerated."

Photo/Instagram (uknown, Killer Mike's wife, Shana Render, Killer Mike, and Bill Maher)

The musician wants fans to know that besides his Grammy wins, he's experiencing several blessings in life; he stated, "I first want to extend my appreciation to the Grammy's Committee for recognizing me and my team for the work that went into 'MICHAEL.' We are incredibly proud and are basking in this moment. I am also grateful that one of my prayers has been answered – the day after my Grammy win – I learned that my son, who has been on the list for a kidney for years, finally has a match. Obviously, we are elated."

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