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Kevin Hart Sues YouTuber Tasha K for Extortion & Requests a Restraining Order

Kevin Hart. Photo/Instagram

Kevin Hart has reportedly sued YouTuber Tasha K and his former assistant, Miesha Shakes, and is now allegedly seeking a restraining order against the YouTuber as well, due to her reluctance to remove a damaging and inaccurate interview. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin filed a lawsuit in December 2023, accusing Tasha K of creating a scheme to extort him out of $250,000 by threatening to run an interview with his former personal assistant, Miesha Shakes. "According to the complaint, Shakes made false statements during the conversation that included Hart facing criminal charges over recording a sexual encounter." THW also stated, "Hart claims that an unidentified affiliate of Kebe reached out to him in November stating that an interview damaging to his reputation would be published unless he paid a $250,000 ransom. The actor refused to pay, contacted law enforcement and sent a cease-and-desist to Kebe, according to the complaint. In the letter, Hart's lawyers warned her that any damages she's forced to pay as a result of her alleged misconduct won't be dischargeable in bankruptcy."

Tasha K. Photo/Instagram

According to The Source, A more recent report surfaced, stating that "Comedian Kevin Hart initiated legal action against gossip vlogger Tasha KDespite Hart's requests, Tasha K has not removed the video, leading Hart to seek further legal recourse." The Source explained that "In his declaration, Hart emphasizes the impact of these allegations on his career, particularly given his involvement in family-oriented projects like the 'Jumanji' franchise, 'Fatherhood,' 'Captain Underpants,' and 'The Secret Life of Pets.' He also mentions his role as a spokesperson for various national brands, which depends on the public perception of his reputation, respectability, and character."

Tasha K was recently sued by rapper Cardi B, who won a $4 million judgment against the vlogger after she published an interview with a woman who alleged she was Cardi's former associate before Cardi's career. The alleged associate said Cardi was a prostitute who used drugs and contracted Herpes during their time together. Following the ruling, Tasha K was ordered to take down the interview and filed for bankruptcy. However, according to Billboard, Judge Scott M. Grossman, who presided over the case, told the gossip vlogger that she would still be responsible for paying the judgment once her bankruptcy ended. Billboard explained, "Bankruptcy law allows insolvent people to escape certain debts, but it doesn't shield them from paying money they owe because of "willful and malicious injury" they caused to others." 

At this time, it's unclear if the courts have approved the restraining order for Kevin Hart. This story will be updated. To follow this story and other news, click the link to subscribe to Volume 82.




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