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Kendrick Lamar Released a "Dumb Phone," Called The Light Phone 2, Which Sold Out Immediately

Kendrick Lamar. Photo/IMDb via Getty

Kendrick Lamar is testing the waters in the tech space. The Grammy-Award-winning and Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper released what he calls the "dumb phone," which reportedly sold out almost immediately. Business Insider says, "The Light Phone 2 is getting some particularly strong star power courtesy of rapper Kendrick Lamar's creative agency pgLang. His company, which he runs alongside childhood friend Dave Free, has released a limited edition version of the "dumb" phone."

The "dumb phone" retailed at $299.00, with minimal features. The Light Phone 2 reportedly does not have a web browser. However, owners can call, text, use alarms, and wifi-hotspot. Its add-on tools are reportedly basic, including music players, notes, a calculator, and directions, and it doesn't have any colors or apps, according to Business Insider.

The basic design style of the phone isn't a surprise. Despite his uber-superstar status, Kendrick reportedly doesn't like to rely on technology and is not a fan of social media. His social media has one post. However, his company, pgLang, did promote the release of the phone. Benzinga reports, "With the increasing need to curb digital distractions and screen time, more people, especially the younger generation, are turning to “dumb” phones. Some Gen-Zers even ditch their smartphones entirely, opting for primary calling and texting devices. This shift in consumer behavior is evident as HMD Global, the maker of Nokia phones, reported substantial sales of their flip and slide phones throughout 2022, the report noted."

Will Kendrick be instrumental in starting a new wave of change and a larger market for dumb phone users?

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