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Jemele Hill & Her Mother Interview on 'Red Table Talk' About Life Issues & Her New Book 'Uphill'

Journalist Jemele Hill and her mother, Denise, interviewed for the first time together about their lives with Jada Pinkett Smith on a recent episode of Facebook’s Red Table Talk. This episode, hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith, and Jada's mother, Adrienne "Grammy" Norris, showed plenty of relatability for everyone at the red table. Jada's and Adrienne's lives closely mirror Jemele's and her mother's lives because both mothers were addicted to drugs while raising their daughters. Yet, both mothers have recovered from drug abuse and have daughters who have created successful careers in the entertainment industry.

Denise explained that ongoing childhood sexual assault by her uncle led her to drug use. She also stated that she was sexually assaulted a second time in her life and abducted at gunpoint, which increased her drug dependency.

Jemele shared excerpts from her new book 'Uphill: A Memoir,' and explained her feelings and reasoning about her childhood and what helped her to develop a thick enough skin to survive the journalism industry. She also reflected on the career-changing moment when her controversial Tweets about the former POTUS, Donald Trump, caused significant controversy and led to her suspension from ESPN.

This is perhaps one of the best episodes of Red Table Talk. Watch it now via Facebook!

Photo Credits: Jemele Hill via Instagram & Jordan Fisher/ Red Table Talk


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