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Jay-Z & (Team Roc) Helped Bring Down Kansas Officer Who Raped Women & Framed A Man for Murder

As of late, Jay Z has been using his platform to expose injustices. He and his team, 'Team Roc,' sued the Kansas City police department for misconduct and corruption. The lawsuit reportedly came after Detective Roger Golubski framed a black man for murder after the man's mother refused to continue having non-consensual sex with him.

After the lawsuit, The Washington Post published a call to action letter from Team Roc, which asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the allegations. Following the investigation, Officer Golubski was charged with sexual assault, kidnapping, and framing an innocent person with a crime.

(Roger Golubski)

According to, Golubski "allegedly exploited and terrorized Black residents for years." The CNN article also stated that he's accused of being "a dirty cop who used the power of his badge to exploit vulnerable black women, including black women who worked as prostitutes," according to a 2019 civil complaint filed by a man exonerated of double murder charges investigated by Golubski.

pJay Z and his team will also release a docuseries with A&E Networks exposing corruption and abuse of inmates in the Mississippi prison system. In 2020, Team Roc filed two lawsuits against the Mississippi Department of Corrections. The first suit was for the death of inmates due to inhumane conditions. The second filing was for lack of medical care and barbaric conditions on behalf of more than 100 inmates.

Stay tuned for further updates regarding this story.

Photo Credits: CNN and Shutterstock


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